Robots Team 3604

Power Up 2018 Bot

This bot won one blue banner, went to states, and went to worlds! It had the power to place power cubes anywhere and climb to great heights with its scissor lift to face the boss with ease.

Steamworks 2017 Bot

This bot could steamroll the competition helping us make it to states this year with its velcro-based climbing mechanism and its gear holding mechanism.

Stronghold 2016 Bot

In this season, our climber was ranked number one in Michigan. We traverse through defenses without problems. We Launch boulders with ease at the high and low goal. This bot took us to worlds and we became the second pick of the 8th alliance on the Hopper field. along the way we received two blue banners, one from Southfield, and our home event Woodhaven.

Recycle Rush 2015 Bot

During this season we had a dual sided robot the could stack totes six high and top it off with a recycling container. We won our first blue banner ever at our home event Woodhaven. We also qualified for states and worlds this year, but we did not do much.

Aerial Assist 2014 Bot

This season we made it to states we did not make it to worlds by two seats sadly. we made it to the finals in both of our qualifying events. We used a Catapult to launch the exercise balls high. We had just about everything on our robot, so overall it was a decent season.

Ultimate Ascent 2013 Bot

During this season it was our first time making it to finals at a district, and being a captain. Also the first year we made it to states. We shoot full field Frisbees shoots at the third level goal.

Rebound Rumble 2012 Bot

We shot basketballs. That is it, nothing else.

Logo Motion 2011 Bot

We had a mini bot, and we could make it up to the second peg. We made it to semi-finals in our second event Waterford.